How does it work?

The Internet is full of dog whistles, hateful or bigoted messages that appear harmless to many, but which carry hidden meaning meant either to signal to others who believe the same, or to use deliberately misleading or confusing language in order to convince people to join them in the hate, sometimes unknowingly.

23khz is a tool to help people reporting hate on the Internet have an easier time reporting hate by being able to identify and point to specific dog whistles without the reporter needing to explain them each time.

To use the site, simply select the various dog whistles from the main page and click "Generate Report".

From there, a report is generated. You can share this URL with anyone, and it will remember the various categories of dog whistle that you selected. You can paste this report into any sort of report that accepts then, and the reviewer can see exactly which dog whistles applies to your report.

What are all the dog whistles?

You can see a full list of all dog whistles here.

Why is it called 23khz?

23khz is the lowest frequency for a physical dog whistle, just above human hearing. The 23khz project aims to make online hate dog whistles audible to everyone by hilighting and explaining them.

Who makes this?

23khz is part of Babka, an online space for Jews and allies. We make Babka free to use for everyone. Learn more about Babka at our blog.

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